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Virtual Reality

Recently Wiles Architects has begun learning how we can utilize a new way of experiencing 3D visualizations. This way is usually referred to Virtual Reality, but the term can be broken down in into three levels of complexity. These levels are non-immersive, semi-immersive, & fully-immersive. As the architectural design industry changes technology changes as well. Wiles Architects maintains an advantage over other architectural firms because we stay current with the latest design technology & software. 2D Visualizations are becoming a thing of the past, as virtual technological software advances. 


The non-immersive form of virtual reality is the most common and least complex form. The most common example used by architects & designers are 360° panoramic views. Some examples people never think of are gaming software & even TV. This kind of VR is non-interactive from within the virtual "world"


Semi-immersive virtual reality is one level of complexity greater than non-immersive. It is a reality that can be moderately interacted with. It is most commonly used for educational purposes. a common use could be technology used to train surgeons or pilots, before they experience the real thing.


Fully-immersive virtual reality is the most complex form. And honestly is much too involved for the architectural design industry. It involves a 4D experience. A user of Fully-immersive VR will experience the sound, lighting, and feeling of the virtual world. this type of VR sometimes entails the use of headphones, gloves, suspension apparatus, treadmills, etc.

360 Panoramic Views

Below you will see a few of the 360 panoramic views created in house by our team. These were created for Black Rock Church, in Fairfield, CT, while we were in the midst of designing their newest second floor addition. This was Wiles Architects' beginning trials & experiments with this kind of visualization. 

ON COMPUTER: Click & Drag Image Side to Side Continuously & Up & Down

ON MOBILE DEVICE: Move Device Side to Side & Up & Down (or repeat computer instruction by tapping screen)

TO ZOOM ON COMPUTER: Use Mouse to Scroll the Zoom-In or Zoom-Out

TO ZOOM ON MOBILE DEVICE: Use Fingers to pinch the Zoom-In or Zoom-Out

Kubtec - Second Floor Gathering Space

Kubtec - Second Floor Work Space

Black Rock Church Kids Worship Room Concept

Black Rock Church Open Office Area Concept

Black Rock Church Kids Classroom Concept

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