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Quality Control (QC) Process

Quality Control (QC) is vital to the success of Wiles Architects. Each member of our project team understands their role and expected duties and displays the initiative to stay committed to providing a product that is consistent and accurate. Our goal as a Team is to attain precision in all that we do. We achieve this goal by learning from our previous experiences through documentation. The documentation is attained through a formal review process  that utilizes plan checklists for reviewing our plans prior to any submittal. These reviews will typically take place just before the: 

Schematic Design Phase Submission

Design Development Phase Submission

25% Construction Documents Submission

75% Construction Documents Submission

100% Construction Documents Submission

Typically, these reviews will be scheduled two weeks prior to a major submittal date. This will allow for up to one week for review and discussion and one week for redlines to be corrected and the plans plotted for submittal. The Project Manager will be responsible for enforcing the timelines to assure that the quality reviews take place. 

Quality Assurance (QA)  Review Process

Project Team (Designers & Managers) is Organized

Designer Submits Plans to QA Review Team Prior to Submission Dates

QA Review Team Uses Checklist to Review and Redline all comments & Errors

QA Team Discusses Necessary Revisions with Design Team

Design Team Use One Week to Make Revisions & Revisions are Documented in a List

To re-enforce Wiles Architects’ commitment to QA/QC, everyone is responsible for back-checking their work before it is given to the PM for their review. Design team members use the Revision Lists created as a reference tool when working on projects.

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