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Tiny Home Initiative

Bridgeport, CT

Wiles Architects has teamed up with the Tiny Home Initiative to take on a new approach to affordable housing. With the use of Tiny Homes, people and families from lower income backgrounds, can now afford a home, without breaking the bank. Tiny homes, being much smaller than your traditional home, cheaper and easier to build, become the perfect solution for many. So far Wiles Architects has designed 5 different styles of Tiny Homes. Some are single family homes, 2 family homes, loft style homes, and even 2 bedroom homes. Because of its versatility, the options and ideas for tiny homes are endless. 

182 Milford Point Road

 Cedar Beach | Milford, CT

Located at the edge of the Housatonic River, this home has been designed to be durable enough to withstand the wind and water forces of the River, and also maintain an aesthetically pleasing exterior and interior. This home is currently under construction and is expected to be completed in late September-to-early October of 2016. 

Fairfield Residence

   Ash Creek | Fairfield, CT

Located on a recently purchased adjacent property, this modern take on the traditional "out building" rasied the bar as to how the back yard can be utilized. The Client wanted a simple space that would become the backdrop to weekend parties and family barbeques. The ultimate goal was to create a fun and hip building to entertain around.

Cambal Residence

   Lewis Bay | West Yarmouth, MA

A single family owned home since 1936, the 3rd Generation of Cambel’s living in the residence decided to upgrade and renovate the existing structure.  The end result was a home that was not only visually appealing with nautical themes and sweeping views of the Bay that the house was perched on, but a home that was user friendly to the large family that occupied this space.

Utzler Residence

   Cedar Beach | Milford, CT

Single Family Residence

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