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​​Wiles Architects has been delivering client-focused, architectural, design and engineering solutions to satisfied owners for over 40 years.


Since our establishment in 1973, we have been dedicated to delivering design solutions that are driven by innovative, aesthetically exciting, environmentally conscious spaces. Equally important to us, is the happiness of our clients.

Our design process is built on an intimate collaboration that begins at our firm. We pride ourselves on direct and personal communication with the client.  From there, holding the clients needs within environmental and cost contexts, we gather of team of experts from across multi-disciplinary fields that can bring an in-depth understanding of the needs of the project. We believe design solutions to complex projects, spring from the exciting journey of translating imaginative concepts into structural forms.

At Wiles Architects, we are inspired and motivated by approaches to structures that are sustainable for future generations, as well as the notion that without people to occupy spaces, architecture has no meaning.

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