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Rendering Stills

Rendering Stills are the most traditional form of architectural visualizations. Wiles Architects has been in establishment since before the turn of the 21st Century (1972). Before the 2000's most if not all of our visualizations were crafted by hand. Architects & Designers sometimes could spend hours of concentration to make beautiful representations of a proposed project. The one downside to these hand made depictions is that often times designs were depicted with inaccuracies & left clients with uncertainties. Thanks to technology, digital renderings are not only generated faster they are also more accurate and serve a greater purpose than to simply be aesthetically pleasing. For example digital renderings can help architects and designers find flaws or complications that typically cannot be seen in plan or section view. For more information on the projects shown below please refer to the Projects page.

Digital Renderings by wiles+architects

Hand Drawn Renderings by wiles+architects

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