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Like many architectural firms Wiles Architects follows a standard order of events when it comes to starting and successfully completing a project. We typically follow the Seven phase structure outlined below. 


Existing Conditions Survey


Site Analysis


Schematic Design Phase


Design Development


Construction Documents Phase


Bidding & Negotiations


Construction Administration

  1. Existing Conditions Survey: Documenting the current condition of a project to determine what may be needed for the phases to come. Phase may include but not limited to photo documentation, dimension documentation, and documentation of any current building conditions

  2. Site Analysis: Gathering information on the zoning regulations, boundaries, and any technical site information that may be needed for future phases.

  3. Schematic Design: The design team works with client(s) to elaborate on possible plans or exterior concepts and if requested we generate rendering(s) to create a better idea of how the project could look. (See Wiles Studio for more information)

  4. Design Development: A transition phase of project from schematic design to construction documents, when the design team gets to work to prepare one selected design for construction documentation.

  5. Construction Document Phase: Creation of technical drawings and specifications to be used for construction of the project

  6. Bidding & Negotiation: The construction documents will be issued to a general contractor(s) who will estimate cost of construction, acquire bids from subcontractors (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc), answer bidder questions, and works with the design team to make any revisions necessary.

  7. Construction Administration: The design team coordinates with the general contractors to review the construction process and conformance with the construction documents. 

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