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The Crossing at
Park City West

Cherry Street, Bridgeport, CT

Wiles Architects has been working with Corvus Capital to design an all new housing community in the Historic West End of Bridgeport, CT. The site is located between Railroad Avenue and Cherry Street and will span from Hancock Avenue to Fairfield Avenue, where the I-95 and and Metro North Railroad tracks meet. 

The project is expected to be home to:


  • A 26-story high rise: 100,000 SF of Retail/Office Space & 100,000 SF Residential Space

  • 10-Eight Story Residential Buildings: +/-1,075 Living Units. (Studios, 1 BR, 2BR, 3BR)

  • 2,950 Onsite Parking Spaces

  • 30,000 SF street level retail space 

Park West Crossing is expected to include various courtyards, green-space, playgrounds, and other recreational spaces. It is also the final stage of a three phase project, construction is expected to start in 2020.

Visit Wiles Studio for an animation of this design!

Clark Metal Medical & Corporate Office Building

 75 Kings Highway Cutoff, Fairfield, CT 


Located on the site of the former Clark Metal Facotry, in a high traffic area of Fairfield, Wiles Architects was asked to construct the new 40,000 square foot office building so that it would minimize the amount of visible parking. In response, we elevated and bent the building to mask the parked cars from Kings Highway.


In addition several significant 150 year old trees remained untouched, createing an immediate impact on the surrounding area.

Within the building, each tenant space is accessed via a well designed and appointed lobby. This Building is now home to the Orthopeadic Specialty Group and the Associated Neurologists of Southern Connecticut. 

United Properties Office Building
929 Kings Highway E., Fairfield CT, 06825

As the Signature Corporate Headquarters for one of Fairfield counties most successful developers, this design defines "less is more". The design intent was to reflect the adjacent church and compliment the 1960s architecture across the street. The design solution consisted of a blue reflective glass box with two solid elements which serve as the stair towers. 

This 15,000 square foot building was selected by the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce as one of the best new buildings and was awrded the Design Exellence Award by the Town of Fairfield.

Trinity Street Renovations

Hartford, CT

Interior Renovation to the Classic Beaux Art State of Connecticut Office building located in the heart of the Hartford Capitol District. The intervention of modern building systems presented a unique challenge while maintaining the integrity of this Historic Landmark building. This design challenge was meet by developing a 3D model of the entire building and new HVAC systems. The ability to visualize and discuss options with the Owner accelerated the design process and increased quality control of the Construction Documents.

Space planning and functionality of each floor was a major concentration of the design effort.

36,000 sf State Agencies Interior Renovations

Circle Medical Office Building

 425 Post Road, Fairfield, CT, 06824

​A two story office building consisting of 55,000 sf. Medical and corporate uses are accommodated with flexible building systems meeting a wide variety of occupancy uses. It was identified by the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce as one of the best Town improvements. The Fairfield Circle Medical Office building is a focal point for this commercial area of Fairfield. The scale and massing of the building addressed the complex traffic and road pattern of East Kings Highway. Today, this buildig is home to Millward Brown Inc, Yale New Haven's Northeast Medical Group, the Gastroenterology Associates of Fairfield County, and The Endoscopy Center of Fairfield.

Millward Brown

425 Post Road, Fairfield, CT 06824

Space planning and interior design of 14,000 sf Corporate Offices consisting of several departments and multi-use conference/training facilities. Lighting and privacy control a major consideration was addressed through interesting shaped spaces, color and furniture selections.  

14,000 sf Corporate Interiors

55 Walls Drive,
Fairfield, CT, 06824

​A Robert Scinto building dedicated to office tenant needs in a competitive Fairfield Connecticut speculativeoffice space market. Challenging off street parking was solved by use of partial underground parking taking advantage of the site topography. Precast concrete exterior envelope allowed fast construction on tight site.

35,000 sf Rental Corporate Offices

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